ArtWork by ML. Walker

Turn your SmartTv into a virtual Art Gallery. My images can transform your idle Tv or PC into a beautiful… ARTiculated canvas.
Downloads and cast the sample videos to get a true sense of how a hard copy print of my art will look in your unique home decor. other words, try it before you buy it.

Download, cast or stream My art in High Definition video. Choose between   Slideshow format, Or  Single image (Static)  format. Videos are designed to “Loop”or “Pause”.  All slideshow video contain at least 6 images and is priced less than the cost of a single 24″x 36″ hard copy print in my collection. Categories include: Chess Prints, Weird Posters and Poster Asylum prints.

My images can be viewed on any SMART Tv in a WiFi Environment. Take the links Below to view, stream or download the sample video. Although, all of my downloads are virus free, nonetheless, for your peace of mind I suggest placing the file directly onto a Thumb Drive, and then placing it into your TV’s USB port for viewing, 

There are four ways to view my sample videos:

1)  View from this site.

2)  Download to any desktop or mobile device.

3)  Download to any desktop or mobile device that’s in a WiFi environment  synced to a Smart Tv… then cast.

4)  Download to a  ThumbDrive, then place it in your Smart Tv for viewing.

(option 4 Recommended for “Loop and Pause” control)

Click the WiFi icon below to view the sample video. 


Click the image to view various print and framing options.


Watermarks will not appear on the purchased print or video.

Tv when it's on .... Art when it's not.

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To view on YouTube click here.

I offer art in Print or video format. Use the video as SMART
Tv wallpaper or background. Great for home and social gatherings.

Choose A Gallery below to download Video.


Click the titles to view print and framing options.

Choose a Gallery below to download (SlideShow) Video.


Click the titles to view print and framing options.